Theatrical Stagecraft and Design website to serve as a living educational resource tool to be utilized by Cabrillo students, designers, directors, instructors, and technicians, as well as, the greater population of college, high school and community theater directors, designers, students and volunteers. Cabrillo College is a two year California Community college located in Aptos, California in the county of Santa Cruz. The beautiful 525 seat proscenium Crocker Theater is the jewel of the Performing Arts Complex. The Black Box Theatre hosts a wide variety of intimate experimental and student work. The summer profession program, Cabrillo Stage Musical Theatre, is the oldest running theatre company in the county producing excellent quality productions each summer. While working hard, we are having a great, fun time.

As you browse, keep in mind that this is a living document and with that, new productions are added as they are produced.

This site is a huge undertaking. With that, the archives, in general, have been populated from most recent to oldest productons.  Therefore, many of these productions have yet to be filled with the resources that exist.

It is my goal to fill these archive with as much information from the past as possible. Please submit anything that you can--photos, video clips, drawings, stories and corrections.

The community created out of each production is cherished for a lifetime. We all appreciate the relationsips, the creativity, the shared skill and knowlege, the work, and the passion that has been shared.

Become a contrubutor and share.

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